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Personal Concierge Service is an on-demand hospitality for Japan no matter where you may be. Our team can make a variety of arrangements on your behalf such as proxy buying, travel assistance, and problem solving at your service. For private use, we offer to create an experience that is as individual as you are, while our team can also assist to lower costs and burdens associated with business arrangements in Japan.

The service fee will be calculated according to a concierge rate per hour, which is pragmatic, valuable and considerate.


Shipping Concierge Service is a parcel forwarding service matched with Japanese hospitality to anywhere you wish across the world. Perhaps you know exactly what you wish to buy online in Japan, but need a local address and some assistance for shipment.

There will be a transparent, per parcel shipping charge applied by Japan Post (EMS or SAL) depending on the country/region of destination and shipping conditions in addition to a service fee based on weight of the parcel from 500 JPY.
Other couriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS are also available upon request.


At JP Concierge, we transcend conventional service boundaries, embodying Japanese hospitality as seasoned creators of unparalleled experiences. We transform inconveniences and craft moments that exceed expectations. Our expertise is harnessed to magnify the sense of liberty and pleasure in every experience.

We cultivate relationships anchored in trust. JP Concierge surpasses the notion of mere service—we operate as partners, seamlessly aligning with the discerning aspirations of our clientele.

Discover hospitality that goes beyond the ordinary, where every detail reflects our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. JP Concierge is your partner in crafting joyful and lasting memories in every facet of your Japan experience.

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Official Japan Tourism Resourse Directory

JP Concierge is your trusted partner in Japan, dedicated to meeting the needs of international guests. Our Official Japan Tourism Resources Directory offers an invaluable shortcut, providing essential guidance for your journey directly from official sources. While our directory currently covers a limited number of regions, we are rapidly expanding to include all 47 prefectures in Japan.


JP Concierge is your portal to Japan's diverse experiences, no matter where you are. Founded by a team dedicated to hospitality, working remotely across Japan, our mission is to provide comfort and convenience to international guests seeking the best of Japan.

In 2020, our team began laying the foundation for JP Concierge. Leveraging our experiences and insights, we refined our expertise and deepened our understanding of the diverse needs of international guests. This culminated in the registration of passage LLC (Corporate Number: 3010403028626) as a Japanese company, with our office located in Minato City, Tokyo.

In October 2022, we introduced JP Concierge—an online platform designed to connect individuals worldwide with the wonders of Japan. Led by Eri SETO, an adroit business consultant with a background in international financial services, who pursued further studies in hospitality at GIHE, we set out to offer two main services: Personal Concierge Service, providing assistance with travel arrangements, reservations, and recommendations; and Shipping Concierge Service, facilitating hassle-free shipping of goods from Japan to anywhere in the world.


Founder of passage LLC